Knotted! Wedding Showcase Recap

The entire vision of Takk House has always been to act as a resource for offbeat/unique couples looking for the perfect way to showcase their personalities and creativity. Not only do we hold the events of others but we are event planners by nature. 

Frank and I are an engaged couple now! Woohoo! :)

We know the frustrations of wanting something different and having no where to turn. Everything seems kind of cookie cutter and traditional. So we decided to make it our mission to find all of the crafters, catering companies, florists, stylist, designers, breweries and more who fit our a la carte lifestyle and place them all under the same roof. We did and we dubbed it Knotted. The first ever curated alternative wedding showcase for couples who needed some fresh air! It was held on March 7, 2015. On that date we housed 40 brilliant vendors and had over 200 in attendance to meet them!

Here is a nice little write from The Troy Record!

Want to know what a wedding show that offers beer sampling, live performances and food tastings looks like? We broke the mold. We stepped out of the stuffy convention centers and into the a beautiful and funky historic space!

Take a look for yourself! It was glorious!