Real Wedding Wednesday

APRIL 25, 2015

What better wedding to start with? Especially since Monday was their anniversary! Yay!! 

This wedding we (Frank + Heidi) hold very near and dear to our hearts. It was the first wedding we ever held at Takk House. When Jess first came to see us we were total strangers. Now we are dear friends. She even does me and my Mom's hair! This is Heidi by the way. ha.

Anywho, when we gave Jess the tour we literally had nothing in the place. NOTHING. Nothing. The rooms were completely empty and while we showed her around we had to paint a lot of pictures. Of course, we knew how everything was going to come together but she certainly had to have an imagination!

But guess what?! She had/has a lovely imagination and she trusted us! She even hired me to photograph all the magic. Everything was amazingly perfect. Jess and Rick are the sweetest people on the planet and it was a true honor to host their wedding at Takk House. 

Here is what Jess has to say! :)

Favorite part of the planning process? 
All the crafts!! I loved seeing my vision come to life. The food tasting was pretty awesome too. (Nicole’s Catering was their vendor)

First Dance Song?
Stand by me - Ben E King

What was the most memorable moment of your day?
The moment before I walked down the isle. My heart was racing and I took the deepest breath and started walking. I will always remember that feeling.

Any advice for future bride/grooms?
If you don't want to cry like a baby at the alter, don't look at your guests! Keep your eyes on the prize!

Funniest memory from your wedding day?
My vows were pretty hilarious... I ended them with "team death match"... 

If you could do it all over, would you change anything? 
We had decided not to do a cake cutting but I really wish we did. When they brought out the cake, everyone was having too much fun at the photo booth and nobody knew we were serving. So barely anybody actually ate cake... I took home 2.5 tiers of our 4 tier cake ughhhh.

Where did you find inspiration during planning?
Pinterest. The best and worst thing ever invented. My best suggestion is to delete the app 3 months before your wedding. 

What was your favorite part about Takk House?
I loved the building all by itself. It's so beautiful and full of character, you don't really have to decorate. There's always something  interesting to look at there. 

What was the most difficult decision when planning your wedding? 
Music! My husband picked our first dance but from there I was clueless! (but they hired DJ TRUMASTR and he killed it!)